Gnumeric 0.99.1 (Release Candidate 2)

Gnumeric 0.99.1 aka 'Release Candidate 2' is now available.

        This is a bug fix release.  Many thanks to all the testers.  People
        were obviously in a festive mood and thankfully reported lots of issues
        big and small.  Even better they did it _before_ the release !

        Documentation and translation are seeing steady improvement and the
        application is working smoothly.  We have returned to a state with no
        known crashes, or data corruptions.  Barring new reports this release
        will become 1.0.0 on Sunday Dec 30/2001.

* New Features

        * Implement merges and spans in html exporter                   (Andreas)

* Bug fixes & Polishing

        * Improve documentation and regenerate images                   (Adrian)
        * Improve documentation incl. analysis tools, files & worksheet (Andreas)
        * Make output from HTML4.0 and HTML3.2 exporters validate       (Andreas)
        * Fix copy multiple cells to single merged cell (#67298)        (Andreas)
        * Fix expr entry widget: used to get confised on mouse clicks   (Andreas)
        * Add insert Graph menu item & icon                             (Jody)
        * Fix Exit icon for bonobo build.                               (Jody)
        * Delete the CAPS lock feature from autocorrect.                (Jody)
        * Fix Chema's sneaky cursor grab.                               (Jody)
        * Applix import for v4.41, add it to the mime types.            (Jody)
        * Inter-Gnumeric pasting support for merges, and shares.        (Jody)
        * Fix life cycle of validation styles.                          (Jody)
        * Undo for pasting a cut was saving too much.                   (Jody)
        * Parser was not honouring requests to ensure absoluteness.     (Jody)
        * Transparent makes no sense for lines & arrows.                (Jody)
        * Improve help tokenizer.                                       (Jody)
        * Don't prompt for sheet delete if it is pristine.              (Jody)
        * Autofill includes autoformats for expressions.                (Jody)
        * Edit position after undoing a merge.                          (Jody)
        * Partial fix for del col/row undo with dependent objects.      (Jody)
        * Support some additional forms of #!REF in XL import.          (Jody)
        * Fix XL importing of graphs with embedded graphs.              (Jody)
        * Improve autofill handling of merges & arrays.                 (Jody)
        * Support pasting transposed merges.                            (Jody)
        * Ensure that cell sizes never violate absolute minima.         (Jody)
        * Fix format leak (thanks Morten)                               (Jody)
        * Fix data validation.                                          (Jody)
        * Dirty workbook when modifying summary info.                   (Jody)
        * Invalidate names refering to deleted expressions.             (Jody)
        * Fix row height resize when undoing changes to JIT rendering.  (Jody)
        * Fix DATE.                                                     (Morten)
        * Fix a pile of leaks in financial functions.                   (Morten)
        * Fix COUPNCD, YIELD, PRICE.                                    (Morten)
        * Fix overflow issues.                                          (Morten)
        * Search and search-replace history persistence.                (Wayne)
        * Improve documentation: intro and printing                     (Wayne)
        * Make bound errors for INDEX consistent.                       (Tino)
        * Support importing multi-byte text.                            (Nakai)

* Translations

        Andreas Guelzow (de), Christian Meyer (de), Christian Rose (sv),
        Dan Damian (ro), Duarte Loreto (pt), German Poo-Caaman~o (es),
        Gustavo Maciel Dias Vieira (pt_BR), Morten Welinder (da),
        Roy-Magne Mo (nn), Stanislav Visnovsky (sk),,
        Takeshi Aihana (ja), Yukihiro Nakai (ja), Zbigniew Chyla (pl)

* Availability

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