PATCH - New introduction to the manual

hi all,

The first chapter of the manual is an important part of the documentation.

People will either read it and say: "this documentation is crappy", or say "this
looks like a very good manual - I will use it."

Currently our first chapter is not very exciting, and a bit bare.

So I have improved the first section of the first chapter.

Attached is a diff file to introduction.sgml

If you would like to see a preview look at:

The basic idea is to tell the user how great they are for using gnumeric, to get
them excited about using gnumeric, give them an idea what gnumeric can do for
them, and give some pointers on what to do next.

I think this basic idea is a good one, if anyone has better suggestions for the
actual text I use that is fine, it's the basic idea which I think needs to go
into the first chapter.

Lets discuss the chapter on the list for a bit, then someone nice can commit it
to CVS for me if it is good enough (hopefully before 1.0). (you will also need
to commit the jpg image from the url above).


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