Upgrading to latest version of gnumeric on RedHat 6.1

** Confidential **

Hi guys,

I'm running RedHat 6.1 distribution at home and it comes with gumeric-0.38. Wanting to upgrade to the latest 
version, I've downloaded gnumeric-0.76-1.i386.rpm, only to discover that it needs Libc.so.6(GLIBC 2.2). Ok, 
so I download glibc-2.2.2-10.i386.rpm, but it tells me that it clashes with rpm<=4.0. Trying to upgrade to 
rpm-4.0.2-8.i386.rpm has not helped, since the rpm program cannot install a rpm file with a major number >=4.

How do I get around this one? Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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