Re: Freezing Panes

On Tue, Apr 24, 2001 at 05:39:29PM -0400, Bob Washburne wrote:
On 7-APR-2000, just over a year ago, Jody wrote that "freezing panes"
was on the to-do list and would certainly be done within six months. 
That was before he had his values authoritatively reallocated ;-).

    On Fri, 7 Apr 2000 07:35:25 -0400, Jody Goldberg Wrote
    > XL refers to this as 'freezing panes' and sadly we have not
    > implemented it yet.  It is certainly planed, and will be done fairly
    > soon.  Probably not this month, but certainly with 6 months.

Looks like I need to find some crow to eat.

The prediction was based on the (incorrect) hope that the
ModelViewController split of the workbook would give us frozen/split
panes for free.  This was not the case.  You can generate a poor
mans split pane using unshared views in the recent releases However,
this is not as appealing as we'd like.  However, the story is
slightly better than last year.  We have actually started to work on
this.  Indeed it is is one of the two remaining  features that we
have marked as requirements before 1.0 can be released.

Also, my application would work a lot better if I had 512 columns to
play with instead of the 256 I have in version 0.54 :-).
0.54 is ancient.  please update to something more recent (eg 0.64).
hmm, raising the number of columns.  This is both trivial and
difficult.  Changing the number is easy (2 #defines).  The more
difficult question is whether or not Gnumeric can effectively
operate with a sheet containing 512*65535 cells in a single sheet.
My test system is a dual p-pro 200, and with the 0.6x series I can
comfortably work with 1M cells in a single sheet.  It uses far more
memory than I'd like, but it is functional.  There are a few more
performance enhancements that will be required before I'd be
comfortable making 512 a default.

However, if you're interested I can point you at the #defines and
you are welcome to give it a try for your data sets.
Any thoughts on when, if ever, these features might be addressed?
My stated goal is to freeze Gnumeric 1.0 in July (2001) and release
1.0 before the end of 2001.  The two features that must be completed
before the freeze are
        - graphs
        - frozen panes

Hopefully that gives you an idea of where this stands on the
priority queue.

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