Re: save as html

On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 09:13:57AM -0400, Mark Copper wrote:
1. Is there a way to save as an html file in such a way that the row and
column labels are preserved? (or is there a way to shift the labeling
scheme in Gnumeric so that the first row and column has index (0,0)
instead of (1,A)?) I need this so that a sheet in which "display
formulas" is selected can be easily.
I do not understand what you want.  It would be simple to extent the
html exporter to include the row/col headers.  It would also be
simple to change the format of the headers.  However, both of these
are must be optional.  We have not yet selected a standard way of
handling I/O options from plugins.  Feel free to submit a patch with
the extension (it would be very easy) and I'll integrate.  For now a
simple conditional would be sufficient.
2. What determines the number of blank rows or columns when a workbook
is saved to html?
This will be improved in the next release.  The implementation in
0.56 could be confused by fragmented styles, and would attempt to
print 65535 rows.

The new heuristic will be to print/htmlize all cells with content
and any styles that are visible on the screen (eg patterns or
borders).  The latter condition has the limitation that some formats
are not handled by the html exporter, and you will still get blanks.

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