Re: Odd bug with cell formatting and printing

On Wed, 25 Oct 2000 13:21:29 Zach Frey wrote:

Hi all,

I ran into the following problem using the latest Helix GNOME and Gnumeric
on RedHat 6.2 this week:

I created a spreadsheet that had a number of cells with bold borders (the
line available in the selection dialog).  All this sheet has is formatted
cells and
text fields, no formulas.  Its orientation is landscape.  In 'Print Preview'
looks just like I would expect.

(1) However, when I print a copy, the cell outlines are thin, not thick.

(2) When I use the Print dialog to print more than a single copy, the odd
    print landscape with thin borders.  The even copies print portrait (!)
    the borders correctly thick.

I don't know if this qualifies as a Gnumeric or a Gnome-Print bug, but I
I'd start here.

If it would help, I can email the spreadsheet or put it on the web.



I have also had some problems with printing borders.
Often, I will have a spreadsheet with the entire print area surrounded by a
of any size, it doesn't matter. When I print it, the right and bottom lines are
I solved this, by placing text in cells outside the border on both sides, and
setting the width/height to 0. Also, the corners don't seem finished.. don't
know if
that is really a bug yet, or just not worked on yet.. anyway. The printing
comes out
as expected, other than that. The missing lines are also not shown in the print
so I am imagining it is a Gnumeric problem, rather than gnome-print. though I
have not
printed in landscape form yet. I am actually using an older version of both
units of software, so that could be the problem, though the border printing has
seemed to be a problem, so, I don't really know. I will have to recompile some
stuff soon,
but, well, my computer is really slow.. heh.. soowwy.

I am using gnome-print 0.20 and gnumeric 0.56

P.S. Thanks for Gnumeric guys, but hopefully, some work will be done on the
headers and
footers. I don't usually like having them, and whenever I make a new sheet, it
puts them
there, and I have to manually remove them. Also, there are about 6 different
headers... could be my fault, but I think they were there to begin with.
Anyway, something
akin to a checkbox for "Use header" and "Use footer" would be nice. Also,
remembering that
for next time.. well, gotta go. Phone...

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