Re: "Always On Top" check-box

I've been using linux since 1998 and I'd never heard of devilspie but
this is just so damn COOL that I want to send a public acknowledgement
of thanks to Casey

Good job!

On 4/20/12, Casey Harkins <caseyharkins gmail com> wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 8:28 AM, b4m <besancon4me googlemail com> wrote:
>> But I'm not a programmer, so perhaps what I'm asking for is "unreasonable"
>> because it's too difficult programmatically?  Or perhaps you are just
>> trying
>> to keep the application as basic and simple as possible to avoid it
>> getting
>> bloated with too many features?
> Take a look at Devil's Pie, which should be able to help you
> accomplish what you want:
> This is currently packaged on fedora and likely other distributions as
> well. Here's the steps I took to test out what you are trying to
> accomplish:
> 1) install devilspie (i used 'yum install devilspie')
> 2) create ~/.devilspie ('mkdir ~/.devilspie')
> 3) create a gnote.ds rule file in ~/.devilspie ('vim ~/.devilspie/gnote.ds')
> 4) paste "(if (is (application_name) "gnote") (begin (above) ) )" into
> the file and save it
> 5) configure devilspie to start on login (run
> 'gnome-session-properties' and add a new entry for /usr/bin/devilspie)
> 6) logout and log back in
> This will cause all windows whose application name is "gnote" to be
> always on top (this will include existing notes and the gnote search
> window).
> Hope this helps a bit. In general, my opinion is that window behavior
> in placement is the role of the window manager and not the individual
> applications. When applications start trying to enforce
> placement/behavior, it can lead to unexpected results with different
> window managers. I can't speak for the gnote developers, but I'd
> rather not see every application add options/preferences for modifying
> behavior.
> -casey
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