Re: "Always On Top" check-box

On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 8:28 AM, b4m <besancon4me googlemail com> wrote:
> But I'm not a programmer, so perhaps what I'm asking for is "unreasonable"
> because it's too difficult programmatically?  Or perhaps you are just trying
> to keep the application as basic and simple as possible to avoid it getting
> bloated with too many features?

Take a look at Devil's Pie, which should be able to help you
accomplish what you want:

This is currently packaged on fedora and likely other distributions as
well. Here's the steps I took to test out what you are trying to

1) install devilspie (i used 'yum install devilspie')
2) create ~/.devilspie ('mkdir ~/.devilspie')
3) create a gnote.ds rule file in ~/.devilspie ('vim ~/.devilspie/gnote.ds')
4) paste "(if (is (application_name) "gnote") (begin (above) ) )" into
the file and save it
5) configure devilspie to start on login (run
'gnome-session-properties' and add a new entry for /usr/bin/devilspie)
6) logout and log back in

This will cause all windows whose application name is "gnote" to be
always on top (this will include existing notes and the gnote search

Hope this helps a bit. In general, my opinion is that window behavior
in placement is the role of the window manager and not the individual
applications. When applications start trying to enforce
placement/behavior, it can lead to unexpected results with different
window managers. I can't speak for the gnote developers, but I'd
rather not see every application add options/preferences for modifying


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