[ANN] gnote 0.6.0


I just released Gnote 0.6.0.

There is a new optional dependency for DBus: dbus-c++

Here is the change log:

0.6.0 "We believe in D-Bus" - 2009/07/29

New Features:

  * Implement org.gnome.Gnote.RemoteControl to mimic Tomboy DBus API.
    (Closes #581030)
  * Prevent starting a second Gnote using DBus. (Closes #585773)
  * Support --new-note. (Closes #585774)
  * Support --open-note with a URL. (Close #585775)
  * Underline addin.
  * Add a shortcut for the Fixed Width and make mnemonic consistent.
    (Tomboy bug #418964 and Tomboy bug #357426)
  * Allow to hide the Find bar with ESC. (Tomboy bug #540822)
  * Save the splitter position for the search window (Tomboy
    bug #563744).
  * Add menu items for increasing and decreasing the font size.
    (Tomboy bug #488822)


  * Fixes a potential problem with tags when reading a note.
  * Add COPYING-DOCS. (Closes #582381)
  * Fix build on non-Linux systems: add boot system lib, don't pass
    linker flags with -Wl, link libtomboy directly. (Closes #587228)
    (Closes #587261) (Closes #587262)
  * Make naming consistent: it is Gnote, not Gnote Notes.
    (Closes #587644)
  * Fixed some internal inconsistencies with the "TagTable" that is now
  * Don't save the notes needlessly. (Closes #586594)
  * Speedup in Note::load_foreign_note_xml() to avoid flooding with
    unneeded notifications.
  * Fix print formatting issues. (Tomboy bug #572024)
  * Update copyright from Tomboy.
  * Use a button for "Open New Note Template". (Tomboy bug #581582).
  * Avoid a lookup for the TextTag when loading addins.
  * Display first bullet in HTML export (Tomboy bug #422954)
  * Change the Find bar to match the rest of GNOME. (Tomboy Bug #483297)
  * Remove exclusion list for prefixes in WikiWords (Tomboy Bug #392627)
  * Use a status bar in the "Search All Notes" and add a resize grip
    at the same time (Tomboy bug #500513)
  * Allow drag and select within links by activating only with button
    release. (Tomboy bug #414029).
  * Prevent activation of links that have just been middle-click pasted
    to a note. (Tomboy bug #414029)
  * Change the icon AddinInfoDialog to use the stock DIALOG_INFO.
    (Tomboy bug #508844)
  * Ensure the notebook button has a label in the mode "icon + text on
    the side".


  * Updated translations:
    - Arabic (ar)
    - German (de)
    - Russian (ru)
    - Simplified Chinese (zh_CN)
    - Spanish (es)

  * Added translations:
    - Hebrew (he)


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