Re: config fails in 0.5.3 on libpcrecpp

On 07/16/2009 12:16 AM, Paul Campbell wrote:
> Trying install on Fedora 8 but having a problem with libpcrecpp
> Can you offer suggestion for workaround ?

Install prce-devel. The header files are required for compilation. The
full set of build requirements is

> BuildRequires:  gtkmm24-devel libxml2-devel GConf2-devel intltool
> BuildRequires:  boost-devel libuuid-devel
> BuildRequires:  desktop-file-utils
> BuildRequires:  gnome-doc-utils >= 0.3.2
> BuildRequires:  libpanelappletmm-devel
> BuildRequires:  gettext pcre-devel
> BuildRequires:  gtkspell-devel

Note that Fedora 8 has been EOL for a long time and doesn't get any
updates, you will have unpatched security issues and it is better to
upgrade to a newer version asap.


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