RE: [gnomemm] libbonobo**mm linker errors

> From: Murray Cumming [mailto:murrayc usa net] 
> On Fri, 2003-07-11 at 19:53, James Richardson wrote:
> > When comiling libbonobomm and libbonobouimm with ORBit 
> 2.7.2 installed,
> > I get lot's of warnings about ORBIT_IDL_SERIAL being redefined.
> Could you show us the exact warnings.
> > But still, the lack of the method 
> POA_Bonobo::UIComponent::_get_name()
> > being overriden causes libbonobouimm to not compile.
> Yes, there seems to be some API breakage in Bonobo. That's very
> surprising, but I'll investigate that elsewhere. For now, I have fixed
> that for libbonobouimm in cvs.

Hmm, no, maybe Bowie Owens changed how we map the IDL in C++:

But I think it was correct before, according to the CORBA specification:
(section 1.20)

So, maybe we will need to change it back again in libbonobouimm' cvs later.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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