[GnomeMeeting-list] bandwidth and h323 capablities negotiation.

Hi list,

First thanks to dev for this fabulos software. I installed it on gentoo with 
amd64 without any problems.

I made some tests and some modifications on preference.cpp file to put 
bandwidth limit above 100k. Making this  i conclude that Video capability 
send on the setup  logical channels is always 85k 

looking deeper where come from this value i found that this value was 
hardcoded in the h261.h file of the opal codec include directory.

It seem so that opal don't take care of the target bit rate provided by ekiga.
when ekiga create the H261 media in manager.cpp file.

I would like to know if my analyses is correct and how this problem can be 
solved and if bug report need to be filled with this.


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