Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Webcam problems

> Hi,
> I have a webcam Logitech Chat. This camera is working fine with camorama
> and working fine with Ubuntu Dapper LTS 6.06, but in my production
> distro: Gentoo the camera is not working. I downloaded V4L and V4L2 but
> nothing happen. When I open  Preferences -> video devices -> Video
> Plugin is set to Pictures and I can not modified this when click on
> Detect devices button. When I worked with Ubuntu video plugin is set to
> v4l but I do not know how to fix this in Gentoo. I am migrating to
> Ubuntu but awhile I need to use Gentoo because all my data is there.
> Thanks in advance
> I appreciate some help

That means that the plugins are not correctly installed. Check that they
appear in /usr/lib/pwlib (some subdirectory)

You can also try strace ekiga to see if they are correctly loaded.

> regards,
> dmery
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