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On 6/21/06, Craig Southeren <craigs postincrement com> wrote:
On Wed, 21 Jun 2006 23:58:05 +0200
Hannes Ebner <dev stdout at> wrote:

> Craig Southeren wrote:
> > You can use OpenMCU from the OpenH323/OPAL project to do the conferencing,
> > and then just use Ekiga on both the Linux and Windows boxes.
> How stable are video conferences? I think I read (quite a time ago) that
> OpenMCU tends to be unstable with video - is this true?

OpenMCU has recently been completely rewritten to include H.263 video
support with the assistance of a company that is integrating OpenMCU
with a commercial product.

Have you the link to download and test it ?

By all appearances, it is now very stable.


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