Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Registration Failed:Not Acceptable

On Wednesday 21 June 2006 13:41, Damien Sandras wrote:

> > > NOT ACCEPTABLE on = Behind NAT and not configured (no STUN).
> > > The druid probably activates STUN.
> >
> > Thank you.  That fixed it.  Upgrading seemed to have changed the NAT
> > traversal setting on my system.  The strange thing now is that STUN
> > works.  In earlier versions I had to use IP translation.
> I fixed something related to STUN where it was failing before (while
> doing calls, registering should have always worked).

Registering did always work until I upgraded.  The process of upgrading 
somehow changed my NAT Traversal setting to None from IP Translation.  Once 
you identified the solution everything was back to normal.  Must  remember to 
check settings after the next upgrade.

I'm working from memory and at my age memory is not always reliable but I 
recall that in previous versions setting NAT Traversal to STUN did not work 
on my system.   The problem lies I believe in the nature of my router/modem 
(with its built-in firewall) which the druid reports as having a symmetric 
firewall.  I previously had to set NAT traversal to IP forwarding to make 
Ekiga work.   Now the druid will accept STUN but despite all that the druid 
still reports a symmetric not a cone firewall.  This is NOT a problem as 
Ekiga does work, just an observation.


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