Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] ov511 and ekiga

Le vendredi 07 juillet 2006 à 21:45 -0400, P. Oscar Boykin a écrit :
> I am using ekiga 2.0.2 in debian unstable with an ov511 supported
> camera.  This camera has a quirk that at 320x240 (I think) it shows a
> bunch of green blocks.  If it runs at higher resolution, it looks
> normal.
> In gnomemeeting, there used to be a control for video size, but I
> cannot find such a control in ekiga.  Instead I change the a key in
> gconf to change the size: apps/ekiga/devices/video/size=1.  Everything
> looks good when I take a look locally.  The problem comes when I try
> to do a video call.  Then the video goes back to the small size and
> its green blocks all over again. 
> Is there any way to force ekiga to use a certain resolution?

No. You should actually try to fix the driver or report a bug about it.
Transmitting in large resolution will probably flood your bandwidth
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