Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] one more time SIP

Le mardi 14 février 2006 à 17:02 +0100, Jan Ruzicka a écrit :
> Hi,
> I found another strange (for me) behaviour
> Situation - I'm registered on a proxy under sipuser sipdomain  When I call sip:username or 
> sip:number From field of the request looks like sip:sipuser sipdomain, but when i call 
> sip:username otherdomain From field look like sip:systemusername ipaddress_of_a_client

That's "normal". When you are calling users belonging to another domain
than the one you are registered to, it doesn't use "randomly" one of the
accounts to which you are registered.

(This discussion should go to gnomemeeting-devel-list btw.)

For example, you have 2 registered accounts :
- Jan ekiga net
- jan sipnet ru
and you are calling 500 ekiga net, it will use jan ekiga net as outgoing

If you are calling 500 diamond net, then it won't use any of them.

Notice, it could be changed by introducing a default identity, which
would be the one from the "default" account in Ekiga.

An idea for 2.2...
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