Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Ekiga from/to China?

Mario Vukelic a �it :
I've started to use Ekiga recently, and save for a few minor niggles
(reported in Ubuntu's bugtracker) it works really nice. Thanks to the

I tried to look up your bug reports, but couldn't find them. Could you port links to them ? Or better yet, post them to gnome's bugzilla (check if they are not already reported).

The reason for my endeavors is a friend's move to China, and calling
from/to China in Ekiga proves impossible so far. My side works fine
as far as it goes, but the person in China always gets "failed login to" when Ekiga starts up. Increasing the login timeout tenfold
didn't help.  If she browses to, she can log into her
account, so login/password are fine. Does anybody know if China blocks
Ekiga at the Great Firewall?

If the password isn't an issue, I would say it's a firewall issue. She should try to run the druid, and check her network settings.

Snark on #ekiga

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