[GnomeMeeting-list] Windows Messenger cannot log in to ekiga.net SIP service

Hello, all,

I've been trying to use Ekiga to communicate with Windows Messenger
clients, with varied success.

Communication with one person works fine, but another (who uses a
different ISP) always gets the following message when he starts the WM

"You have been signed out of SIP Communications Service because that
service have been temporarily shut down. Please try again later."

We've tried various changes in configuration on the WM client
end--enabling UPnP on the router, disabling local WIndows firewall,
disabling Norton Internet Worm protection, connecting directly to the
net without the router--but the error message persists.

Could it be that the ISP is blocking something? How can I check if this
is the case? Should I try openning specific ports on the router on the
Windows end of the line?

If it is indeed an ISP problem, how could I get around it? Perhaps by
running some additional service here on my GNU/Linux box? Setting up a

Many thanks in advance for your help, and for a great free application.

Andrew Green

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