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Just wanted to say my bit :)

I'm profoundly deaf. Obviously I cannot use telephones. Technologies such as Skype is useless for me.

Videophone are of HUGE importance to me and many other Deaf people that converse in sign language. And there is actually very few quality solutions. However in the USA, the DLink DVC-1000 videophone is very very popular among the Deaf people there - because they can get them for free. Sadly I've not been able to get GnomeMeeting to work with them for some reason - any heads up on that would be nice.

Anyway my point is that with a lack of a good videophone solution (MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger et al might do "video" - for a hearing person, seeing a face, albiet jerky might be fine, but for us sign language users - the smoothness of the video is of criticial importanance. Make it jerky and it become too hard to follow sign language. That is where MSN et al fails.

GnomeMeeting provide decent video rates to the point I can converse almost naturally in sign language.

So don't think that GnomeMeeting is becoming a thing of past. In my view when it comes to video - it's still much much in the present and many others are just playing catch up. I am eagarly looking forward to a Windows port and advising Mac users about the XMeeting - based on GnomeMeeting isn't it? For OSX.

Keep up the great work.


Y Ddraig Goch a ddyry Gychwyn
Cymru am byth

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