Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Interest for GM 2.00

Hi Damien, 
find my comments inline. 
> However, few people are using Asterisk, or a corporate IPBX supporting 
> SIP AND a softphone running on GNU/Linux. So I think few people really 
> need SIP. 
At least we are evaluating the use of an Asterisk box for our company, to 
replace our actual system. The chances, as far as I can see, are high, that we 
will go with that. :) 
Well, we also use Linux/KDE desktops for day to day work, so there are 
corporate users wanting to have a Linux softphone client. 
> 4) Finally, on the corporate side, where there are less users at least 
> on GNU/Linux, you have big companies offering solutions like XTEN, 
> developed full-time by talented developers, even though being 
> proprietary. But corportate users often do not care about the Open 
> Source aspect of things, and big corporations are already offering their 
> own softphone working with their IPBX. 
Well, in our corporate we are running Linux/KDE on the users desktops, so 
there will be used on the corporate side. Well I only tested the 1.X Version 
to connect via H.323 to our actual telephone system. 
> GnomeMeeting is playing in those 4 fields, but there are now so many 
> alternatives, that I wonder if there is still an interest to develop 
> GnomeMeeting after 2.00 will have been released. Two years ago, you had 
> to use GnomeMeeting if you wanted to do 1), 2), or 4). Currently, there 
> are so many alternatives that GnomeMeeting is perhaps unuseful. 
Well, with the Asterisk as the telephone system and with the Linux/KDE clients 
there are plenty of client tools available, but I am a bit unsure whether they 
are that complete like the upcoming 2.0 of GM, with that lot of features. 
> So you, GnomeMeeting users, what do you think of that? 
> Should I start another project and develop slowly on GnomeMeeting, or 
> should I continue full-speed? 
Well it depends, what other projects do you have in mind? 
Nevertheless, thank you for Gnomemeeting!! 
kind regards 
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