Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] multiconference

> Yes, only the last 4 people to speak will be displayed though with
> openmcu.
> >  clear  how to set the client (for example gnomemeeting or netmeeting)
> > to connect to the server and on how the gatekeeper work with clients .
I'm still looking for a recent installable binary for the OpenMCU that can do 
video (i.e. version 1.xx). 

The last video capable OpenMCU featured a screen split in four parts (like in 
a classical building's  window) each of which showed one image. For the 
"inauguration party" for Gnomemeeting 
1.00 a couple of months (years??? :-) ) ago I've seen a version of OpenMCU 
where the person speaking appeared full screen. I don't know, what happened 
to that. Does anybody here????

> The gatekeeper is optional, Netmeeting and GnomeMeeting can directly
> connect to the host running openMCU.
Indeed, but a gatekeeper helps a lot when it comes to have a central hub for  
administration and such nice things as NAT traversal especially when mediocre 
endpoints such as Netmeeting or the aging OpenPhone. With a web based GUI 
shell you can see who is on and what happens to the calls.


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