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Le mercredi 30 novembre 2005 à 18:44 +0100, Murphy a écrit :
> Hi to all . I've just some question to solve a problem.
> My intention is to build a conference system in wich people can
> interact in video and audio .
> Now i'm getting info about gnomemeeting , openmcu and opengk . 
> the problem is that is not very clear if i can make videoconference
> with more than 4 or 5 people . Another problem is that is not very

Yes, only the last 4 people to speak will be displayed though with

>  clear  how to set the client (for example gnomemeeting or netmeeting)
> to connect to the server and on how the gatekeeper work with clients .

The gatekeeper is optional, Netmeeting and GnomeMeeting can directly
connect to the host running openMCU.

> Anyone have a suggestion on how to build such system?
> Thanks in advice
> -- 
> Andrea Piu
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