[GnomeMeeting-list] Logitech Quickcam IM

At 04:00 AM 05/11/07, Damien Sandras wrote:

I would say that 176x144 is far enough, except if you want to flood your
connection with high upload.

I've already thought about removing the "Large" mode for video, because
many people try using it with inappropriate bandwidth.

Now, to answer your question, I would contact the author of the driver.
Perhaps the camera only supports 320x240 and not 352x188. Have you read
the specs?

Thank you for replying.

I did contact the driver author before posting here. As I understand the information which he gave me, he believed that, using his driver and my webcam, I should be able to get an image that's 352x288. My purpose in posting here was to seek confirmation, if available, that someone using my webcam had actually got such an image.

Best wishes,


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