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Objet: [OpenH323]Netfilter module for H.323
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 11:17:14 +0200


some of you might be interested in my new H.323 connection tracking
and NAT helper module for Netfilter (the Linux firewalling code). The
module implements a (simple and still incomplete) parser for H.225 and
H.245, and rewrites IP addresses in the packets if NAT is
configured. This allows you to traverse Linux firewalls without tricks
like tunneling, with just one ACCEPT rule for port 1720 (just like FTP
with its secondary connection).

Reading the libopenh323 sources has been a great help for me during
the development. The test suite uses libopenh323 to assemble test

For anyone interested, instructions for installation and configuration
can be found on my home page:


Development is far from finished, a lot is still missing. I would
appreciate comments and reviews on my module.


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