Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] How to use AIM with Gnomemeeting?

GnomeMeeting is not usable with AIM, sorry. AIM has its own unpublished

Le mardi 17 mai 2005 à 14:12 -0300, Antonio Carlos Ribeiro Nogueira a
écrit :
> I have already seen in this list that it is possible to use AIM with 
> gnomemeeting. I would like how to do to use AIM. I mean, what "ils" 
> directory must I select in gnomemeeting directory selector (and how to 
> feel the boxes in gnomemeeting, step by step, with screeshots of 
> preference - because I and friends mine already tryed it and get not 
> succeed) or how can I select "" in the AIM software... Or 
> how can I stablish a direct conection IP to IP . In my case the IP 
> address I should specify would be: (ppp0, inet end, got 
> with the command ifconfig - I have un ADSL connection)? And the other 
> side of AIM which IP address should be especified?
> Sorry for my poor English and for my lack of knowledge in web matter. 
> Thanks in advance.
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