[GnomeMeeting-list] How to use AIM with Gnomemeeting?

I have already seen in this list that it is possible to use AIM with gnomemeeting. I would like how to do to use AIM. I mean, what "ils" directory must I select in gnomemeeting directory selector (and how to feel the boxes in gnomemeeting, step by step, with screeshots of preference - because I and friends mine already tryed it and get not succeed) or how can I select "ils.seconix.com" in the AIM software... Or how can I stablish a direct conection IP to IP . In my case the IP address I should specify would be: (ppp0, inet end, got with the command ifconfig - I have un ADSL connection)? And the other side of AIM which IP address should be especified? Sorry for my poor English and for my lack of knowledge in web matter. Thanks in advance.

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