Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] web cam don't work with 1.2 version

Le lundi 16 mai 2005 à 18:41 -0300, Daniel Di Stasio a écrit :
> Recently I've been updated gnomemeeting from 1.0.2 version to 1.2.1.
> Now, my web cam Philips TouCam (pwc module)don't work with Gnomemeeting.
> (with 1.0.2 no problems).
> Whit xawtv work good. But with gnomemeeting when I try to switch on the
> web cam, show for one second the imagine and then close the window.

What do you mean? Crash?

How have you installed 1.2.1?

> I tried to change the size but nothing , I tried with gconf-editor like
> says the FAQs.
> Thanks for an answer
> daniel

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