[GnomeMeeting-list] [OpenH323]H.245 + Gatekeeper

Hi all,
 I want to know whether the capability exchange can be done more than once in a single conference.
I mean initially suppose I am having G.711 and H.261 codec capabilities...
Now after some time suppose I want to use G.722 instead of G.711 without disconnecting the session, so is it possible and how..
Moreover I am having a doubt regarding the Gatekeeper. It is fine that intially when endpoint sends ARQ to the Gatekeeper, it requests for badwidth (i.e. audio codec b/w, video codec b/w and data channel b/w), please correct me if I am wrong.
Now during the conference if I want to have more bandwidth then endpoint will send BRQ message to GK. But I want to know whether the user has to specify what bandwidth it needs or that is hidden in the underlying protocol... My intetntion is that suppose initially I have all the audio/video/data channels (If T.120 is there) opened, but now I just want to start the whiteboard facility then obviously I'll have to request the bandwidth... So how that can be done.. Who'll do that
Thanks for any help

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