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Allan schrieb:
> On Sunday 15 May 2005 05:37, Jan Schiefer wrote:
>>Allan schrieb:
>>>First of all let me congratulate everyone associated with this project
>>>for a first-class effort.  I was particularly impressed by the quality of
>>>the documentation.  But, after spending two frustrating weeks off and on
>>>I am still no closer to making a connection to Netmeeting.
>>>I have finally determined that the problem I'm having is that both of the
>>>systems I am trying to communicate with are running on home networks and
>>>of course the H323 protocol demands a direct connection.  Unfortunately
>>>the documentation makes no mention of this problem.
>>>Would someone please, please, please tell me how to connect to a system
>>>on a home network  bearing in mind that I'll have to pass on the
>>>instructions to a couple of typical Windows users.  And PLEASE don't tell
>>>me to have them install gnugk to act as their gatekeeper.  One look at
>>>it's documentation is likely to drive them kicking and screaming away
>>>from anything to do with Linux and OSS.  Besides which, if I understand
>>>correctly, that only provides them with a way to connect to me not vice
>>First try to ping the other hosts.
>>Be sure that your firewall ( or the other host's firewall ) doesn't
>>block the H323 + RTP ports ( see FAQ ).
>>If this succeeds try to enter just their IP address in the address field.
> But that's the whole problem.  They don't have an IP address that's 
> recognisable from outside.  The have an address which is translated by the 
> wireless modem/router used by their home network.
> Allan

Oh. Sorry.
Thought you were in one LAN with them.

How about this:
Gnomemeeting-Opal ( beta-version of Gnomemeeting 1.3 ) supports SIP.
You can use an SIP-Client like X-Lite along with a free SIP-Provider (
example: www.freeworlddialup.com ) on the Windows hosts. X-Lite woks
with STUN, that allows you to pass the NAT.
For calls inside the LAN you use the LAN-IP.

GM-Opal works very well. The only major problem is, that the iLBC-Codec
is currently broken.

Jan Schiefer!

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