Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Problems with picture device

Le jeudi 05 mai 2005 à 15:10 -0700, Kevin Oberman a écrit :
> I am continuing to work on getting GnomeMeeting to work on FreeBSD
> V5. It's ALMOST working, I think. I have all of my audio plugins built,
> but when I start GM, I get an error that "No usable audio plugin
> detected". This is actually not true. gdb shows that it finds
> several. What it does not find is a video plugin. Video??? It should at
> least find the picture pseudo-plugin, but it does not.
> Where in the code might I find the picture support so that I can try to
> figure out why it's not there? (Or, more likely, is not being found.)
> In nay case, I am a really terrible C++ programmer, so I was hoping
> someone would have some idea of where to look for this problem.
> And it might be god to fix the error when no video plugin is found to
> tell the truth.

Yes, but the "strings" were frozen for GNOME 2.10, so I couldn't break
the translations.

There is a gcc bug, wouldn't you be using gcc 4?

If so compiling with -O2 should solve the problem.

> Thanks,
 _      Damien Sandras
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