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Damien Sandras schrieb:
> Hello Yoriaki,
> I think there is a bug in the package for SuSE 9.3, due to a buggy GCC.
> Of course, SuSE packagers never listen to us, we are plainly ignored. So
> things are getting worse at each release.
> In SuSE ?? (don't remember which one), GnomeMeeting was packaged without
> GNOME support, removing all GNOME dependancies, and using "unstable" and
> "untested" code to replace the GNOME features.
> In SuSE 9.2, they decided that they would take a random snapshot in the
> unstable CVS tree and ship it instead of the stable released
> GnomeMeeting version.
> In SuSE 9.3, they are using gcc with patches that break some C++ code,
> like our plugins code. If you provide me a backtrace, I will tell you if
> it is the case or not. 
> All this wouldn't happen if SuSE GnomeMeeting packagers was
> collaborating with developers instead of ignoring them and if they were
> testing what they are packaging.
> I'm not blaming the whole SuSE distribution (which seems very good), but
> I'm blaming the persons who are in charge of the GnomeMeeting
> packaging. 
> Enough is enough.
> Le mercredi 04 mai 2005 à 14:22 +0900, Yoriaki FUJIMORI a écrit :
>>Dear listers,
>>I have started running GM1.2 on SuSE9.2 and 9.3 PCs with Intel
>>ICH4/5.  I am observing frequent crash of GM, with the error
>>message something to the effect that GM quited unexpectedly.
>>In the error message window, I have got some three options;
>>restart application, exit, or report bugs.
>>As far as I see, this happens on the MB with genuine intel
>>chips, such as Intel or Supermicro boards.
>># A recent kernel 2.6.11(?) seems to have a serious problem
>>of snd-intel8x0 support---notorious `joystick blahblah' erro.
>>Has anyone observed similar unstablity wrt GM1.2?
>>Thanks for your attention.
>>yoriaki fujimori
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Wow. You tested Suse.

I've sworn to never touch one Suse product.

Jan Schiefer!
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