[GnomeMeeting-list] Re: GM1.2 unstable on SuSE9.2/9.3

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> I am using Intel 865PERLs, SuperMicro's Xeon boards, and some
> i855 based PentiumM boxes.  They are more or less meant to be
> GM terminals, but unfortunately, I have not got good results
> with the onboard ICH4/5, espeically in recording.
> # I run alsa.

I'm using an MSI board...*looking into my computer*...it's an MS-6570.
I'm running alsa too.

A common problem is that the mixer is not setup correctly. You should
start alsamixer with "alsamixer -V all" to show all controls. Then you
have to check that the capture switch is set for MIC and (!!) CAPTURE.
You can set this switch with the space key. However you should also
unmute MIC BOOST with the M key.

> GM is not responcible for that.  Nonetheless, formerly, when the
> audio setup is not good,  GM reported errors, and never crashed.
> What I am observing these days is GM's crash.
> My impression is that GM might be getting less robust against
> these failures of audio streams.
> # I am running KDE.  It might be a KDE's policy to make applications
> to crash...

Ah...yes...KDE. This might be a problem with KDE's evil sound server.
Kill the arts process! And try then again.

PS: You can test call me: callto:ils.seconix.com/cheaterjs gmx de

Jan Schiefer!
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