Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Re: GM1.2 unstable on SuSE9.2/9.3

Thanks for your responce.
I am interested in what kind of intel cards you are using,
and your `success' story.

By GM1.2, I meant GM1.2.1.  When I tried to install GM1.2.1,
the installer reported that GM1.2.1 is already there.
The time stamp of GM, pwlib and openh323 is around April 5.

I am using Intel 865PERLs, SuperMicro's Xeon boards, and some
i855 based PentiumM boxes.  They are more or less meant to be
GM terminals, but unfortunately, I have not got good results
with the onboard ICH4/5, espeically in recording.
# I run alsa.

GM is not responcible for that.  Nonetheless, formerly, when the
audio setup is not good,  GM reported errors, and never crashed.
What I am observing these days is GM's crash.
My impression is that GM might be getting less robust against
these failures of audio streams.
# I am running KDE.  It might be a KDE's policy to make applications
to crash...

I am very happy, if I can hear from many people about the detailed
setting of PC/Linux which enables long-run stable operation of GM.

Thanks for your attention.
yoriaki fujimori

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