Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] New user seeks info on Netmeeting, Yahoo Messenger, and AIM

Am Montag, 2. Mai 2005 13:07 schrieb Jouni Lohikoski iki fi:
> On Mon, May 02, 2005 at 08:44:01AM -0400, Allan wrote:
> There is a fairly good (much better than MS Netmeeting) H323 compatible
> video conference program for MS Windows in
> Look for OpenPhone.
I'm using it too for my Windows endpoints too. OpenPhone is OK. It's a good 
net citizen who supports NAT and STUN. One even can assign the TCP and UDP 
ports it should use for H245 and Q931.

The downside is - it's quite old and the binaries are full of spider webs 
yet. :-) I'm looking for hints on how to compile it on Windows without having 
to buy a Microsoft compiler. (GNU for Windows? Crosscompile? Any idas)

The image quality is not as good as with Netmeeting. On 128kbit/s it's quite 
poor. A more recent Openh323 version might provide relief.

Otherwise does a good job.


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