Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] CVS Crash

Hi Damien,

> The packs on seconix... Kilian?

*sigh* sounds like a alot of people have amnesia or alzheimer around
here. :-P 
I'll announce the ready debs when they're ready (yes, they are Debian
*g*). Right now I'd consider them "ready for alpha testing", but I do
reckon they're nothing but a huge, ugly hack. Next stage was trying to
catch all the floating patches from the Mimas release and what i needed
to make OPAL packageable and put that upstream. Just I need to gather
the patches into a more legible and coherent format. 

Now, who's really needing these debs badly can ask me for a testdrive.
They still do have a wrong version number, but GM2CVS now at least does
compile as should. 

Open issues probably still are:
* ptlib-config isn't used (unverified)
* gnomemeeting.1 isn't renamed with --suffix
* CVS opal branch comes with part of the "fixes" prepatched?!

I'd also propose to put the --suffix hacks from the mini-howto right
into the makefiles (i.e. the patch i'll make from it). They're quite
handy and should work ok as far as i can tell.

> Is it possible not to build GM "stable" with openh323/pwlib unstable
> anymore ?

It is. It just needs a new trigger event. Basically that problem was
that now the REC versions are again correct and thus obsolete the patch
which did put them to what they're now.

Best regards,

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