[GnomeMeeting-list] CVS Crash

Hi list,

strange problem I face with CVS20050308 and CVS20050304. A call from an openphone EP to my GM, both connected on a GnuGK.

GM is ringing, I accept the call but GM continues to ring and if I click on a GM frame it crashes asking if I want to restart it and that I should inform development team. If I restart, next time I want to use it it crashes definitely.

This setup is used for years with the same openphone EP. I tried to call GM from an asterisk EP through oh_323 channel and it work.

Only think I know is that this EP has his IP set to (Norton fw problem) but it was always like this and it never create problem (this EP is always the caller)

Some changes in the code that could explain this behaviour? Other idea?
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