Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting to Netmeeting, only one way and no video

On Sunday 12 June 2005 11:42, Julien PUYDT wrote:
> Benedek Frank a écrit :
> > I finally had a chance to try it, and still no go. Now all possible ports
> > are open on my GM and the NM has a router with DMZ support toward the NM,
> > so it has open air. Calls innitiated from NM to GM comes through and
> > Audio travels back and forth.
> Nice
> > Calls innitiated from GM to NM are rejected.
> Are you sure the port 1720 is opened? Try to do something like "telnet
> remote_host 1720" (where remote_host should be the address/name of your
> NM), to see if you get a connection.


Thanks for picking this up with me. I did what you told me, and I am even more 
confused now. WHen I block the port 1720 on the NM box, and I try to telnet 
to it, I get the message

ben vaio:~$ telnet 1720
Trying remotehostsiphere..

ANd it hangs here, never connects. Now when I enable the 1720 port on the NM 
and I telnet to it from the GM, I get the following.

ben vaio:~$ 1720
Trying remotehostsiphere..
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

What this might be? As I said, the NM has a router with DMZ enabled. I thought 
that the port 1720 might be disabled by the ISP by default, so I tried the 
same with 1721 but it came to be the same. Telnet test showed the same. What 
else should I try? It seems that the NM side is the problem obviously, as it 
rejects the telnet connectiuon even though the port is open to it. It is a 
Windows XP with SP2 and the firewall is set as I described above.

Thanks again


> > GM shows "User
> > did not accept the call". ANy other hints? ALso when I call from NM to
> > GM, everything is fine, audio, but video does not go through from the GM
> > side to the NM side. NM has no camera, so I couldnt try that. THanks.
> For that last part, check that both gnomemeeting and netmeeting have
> video enabled in their options.
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