Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting to Netmeeting, only one way and no video

Benedek Frank a écrit :
I finally had a chance to try it, and still no go. Now all possible ports are open on my GM and the NM has a router with DMZ support toward the NM, so it has open air. Calls innitiated from NM to GM comes through and Audio travels back and forth.


Calls innitiated from GM to NM are rejected.

Are you sure the port 1720 is opened? Try to do something like "telnet remote_host 1720" (where remote_host should be the address/name of your NM), to see if you get a connection.

GM shows "User did not accept the call". ANy other hints? ALso when I call from NM to GM, everything is fine, audio, but video does not go through from the GM side to the NM side. NM has no camera, so I couldnt try that. THanks.

For that last part, check that both gnomemeeting and netmeeting have video enabled in their options.

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