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Le vendredi 29 juillet 2005 à 16:42 +0800, Peter Ward a écrit :
> I am running Fedora Core 4 with GM 1.2.1 but had the SAME problem on FC3
> with the previous version of GM
> In my directory setting preferences I have as the "users
> directory", "enable registering" set to yes and "publish my details.."
> set to yes.
> When I check the address book I receive 2 entries:
> "You have to register to see other registered users"
> "Don't forget to check the FAQ on http"//"
> Other users can confirm that I am NOT registered on the server
> I CAN connect to because if I use an "*" in "name
> contains" I get a full list of registered users. This is due to a
> registered bug in GM.
> I can get GM working talking to a NetMeeting user AND another GM user
> with vox 2 ways and video ONE way from me to them, so my settings aren't
> too botched up. I have since set my NAT to forward all required ports
> (now reported as CONE NAT) though the video calls I described worked
> before that anyway.
> The reason I use GM is to contact family on the other side of the world
> who use WinXP so using the ils server and NetMeeting is the only way I
> know how to do this without having them make major changes to their
> systems.
> It would seem that this is not a common problem so I am assuming
> (hoping) I have something set incorrectly. Any suggestions or ideas
> (please)?

This is most probably a bug in the ILS server itself and there is
relatively few we can do about it.

ILS support will be completely dropped in next release.
Notice that it is pretty uncommon, try changing your settings like
firstname/lastname and such. Also make sure you do not put "sexual"
comments in any of the field, or the registration will be ignored.
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