[GnomeMeeting-list] Cannot register to ils.seconix.com

I am running Fedora Core 4 with GM 1.2.1 but had the SAME problem on FC3
with the previous version of GM

In my directory setting preferences I have ils.seconix.com as the "users
directory", "enable registering" set to yes and "publish my details.."
set to yes.

When I check the address book I receive 2 entries:
"You have to register to see other registered users"
"Don't forget to check the FAQ on http"//www.gnomemeeting.org"

Other users can confirm that I am NOT registered on the server

I CAN connect to ils.seconix.com because if I use an "*" in "name
contains" I get a full list of registered users. This is due to a
registered bug in GM.

I can get GM working talking to a NetMeeting user AND another GM user
with vox 2 ways and video ONE way from me to them, so my settings aren't
too botched up. I have since set my NAT to forward all required ports
(now reported as CONE NAT) though the video calls I described worked
before that anyway.

The reason I use GM is to contact family on the other side of the world
who use WinXP so using the ils server and NetMeeting is the only way I
know how to do this without having them make major changes to their

It would seem that this is not a common problem so I am assuming
(hoping) I have something set incorrectly. Any suggestions or ideas

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