Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] gatekeeper question

Damien Sandras wrote:

There is this:

Timeout on request

In other words, the gatekeeper doesn't receive the authentication

Are you using the correct IP?
yes, the gatekeeper identifies itself (Cader Shoes melbourne)

Have you tried playing with the settings I indicated you yesterday?
yes - all combinations

Wouldn't you have a local firewall on your PC?
no - it's a vpn connection to the australian office pabx (i'm in china, the pabx is melbourne).

so there is a firewall, but the route to the pabx is over a gre based vpn.

the ericsson handset next to me works (it's a voip handset) over the same routes.

the line i don't understand is

RAS     Failed registration of  with Cadet Shoes Melbourne

i suspect that it should be "of something with Cadet..." but i don't know where to set the something. in my case it should be an extension number (173)


fn:Rick  Marshall
email;internet:rjm zenucom com
tel;cell:+61 411 287 530

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