Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] gatekeeper question

If the message indicates this, it is a problem of the gatekeeper. Do you
have some log on the gatekeeper side?

If not, you can also execute gnomemeeting -d 3 and see if there is more
information on the reason why the call is closed.

I suggest you to play with the "H245 Tunneling" and "Fast Start"
settings of GnomeMeeting. I would enable both of them and try again.

Le mercredi 27 juillet 2005 à 20:02 +1000, Rick Marshall a écrit :
> we have an ericsson business phone pabx with voip card.
> i can use gnomemeeting to call extensions (if i know their ip address).
> but what i'd like to do is use the gatekeeper so i can dial extensions 
> etc directly.
> i have set up the gatekeeper in gnomemeeting and it seems to dial, but i 
> can't get calls through.
> what i get is a message "The Gatekeeper has closed the call"
> i was wondering if anyone else has experience using gm with this device 
> and can help with this problem?
> thanks
> rick
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