Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] MS-compatibility

> What other than MS NetMeeting is compatible to gnomemeeting on a MS
> system? I was told by the MS user that NetMeeting is an old pgm that he
> can't install on his system.
He can by the way - but as long as firewalls and NAT are involved it is not 
such a good idea (in fact Netmeeting comes with XP)

I extensively use OpenPhone (in an old version - probably one should compile a 
new one with working H263) for a tricky connection from a colombian internet 

I tried too - which comes with a Jabber client.

Both, OpenPhone and Neosmt are based upon a rather old version of H323 where 
video quality is somewhat poor. (when bandwith is a concern - as on a 
128kbit/s line - the image is torn apart sometimes and strong square 
artefacts apperar for seconds) 

Netmeeting provides a better images in both directions but has the strong 
disadvantage that one cannot define the range of ports it uses for RTP. 
Furthermore it doesn't support H245 Tunneling and Quick start. (in opposite 
to OpenPhone) Another nasty thing with Netmeeting: I couldn't get it to work 
with Speex and GSM sound is nuts.

... dreaming of a decent version of OpenPhone for the poor still windozers 
which installs as easy as the current version does and provides a clear Speex 
sound and a crisp H263 picture - do I have to keep dreaming .....

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