Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Re: Some trouble with sound.

Done that, there's no ESD, ARTS, or what ever.
(hey, they're not that evil once you know them better =)

There's no daemon running.

When I choose OSS as the sound server the device the druid show is /dev/dsp, 
when I hit the Test (I guess it's the name in english) button, it says that 
gnomemeeting did open correctly the device but it can't read data from it.
When I choose ALSA it shows two devices: "default" and "Sound Blaster 16", but 
both give the same error I descipted before (at the Test button).
So, I don't know what else to do...
Any special ALSA config is needed? 
Any special GNOME and it's sound is needed?
Should I uninstall ESD?
It could be useful if I post some log? (if that's the case wich one?)

Thanks in advance!!!

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El Mié 13 Jul 2005 03:17, Jan Schiefer escribió:
> Try to kill any evil sound daemon ( for example artsd ).
> Greetings,
> Jan Schiefer!
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