[GnomeMeeting-list] Some trouble with sound.


I've been use Gnomemeeting succesfully since almost a year, I've been able to 
send/receive audio + video, using openphone on the other side.

Now I've tried to install gnomemeeting (v.1.2.1, from a rpm package from the 
Mandriva LE 2005 distribution) to another PC, it worked good, I can send 
video, but not audio.

When I run the asistant and select ALSA as my audio device and then press the 
"test" button there's an error:

In english is something like:
Is not possible to access at the selected device (Sound Blaster 16) to play, 
please check your sound configuration, the permissions and if the device is 

(sorry the lame translation)

On the other hand at the console appear this error:

"ALSA lib pcm.c:1963:(snd_pcm_open_conf) Invalid type for PCM default 
definition (id: default, value: cards.pcm.default)"

(this is textual, hence the "")

So, I'm a bit lost here.

My sound card is not a Sound Blaster, but a crystal sound I guess (it's 
integrated at my motherboard and I had to run alsaconf in order to detect it, 
according to harddrake the chipset is a CTL1745), in spite of that I can 
record my own voice using some gnome software and I can hear mp3 using XMMS.
But I don't use gnome, but WindowMaker as my window manager.

Can anybody help me? or point me to the right direction? thank you very much 
in advance.

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