Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] GM 1.2 with KDE 3.3.2 under Suse 9.1 sticks in startup

Le mardi 11 janvier 2005 à 18:19 +0100, Kilian Krause a écrit :
> Hi Martin,
> > As I like GM, if you need beta testers for future GM releases or help in 
> > translating documentation from English towards German I would like to offer 
> > my help.
> feel free to test and break GM at your powers. If you manage to make GM
> behave weird or even broken, then please post the circumstances here or
> on our devel mailing list. German translation is pretty actively
> maintained. If however you find problems or bad translations, please
> post them here too. =)

Actually the manual could be translated to German, the only translation
is french for now. But that manual will change when releasing 2.00, so I
don't know if it is worth it for now.
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