[GnomeMeeting-list] SuSE 9.1 firewall + gm

Forgive me posting even if I know that this probably is FAQ...

I have been wrestiling with this for a few days now, so...

My configuration of gnomemeeting seems to:
-  work with my sister, she is running netmeeting on NT200x
- not work with my friend running netmeeting with XP, his
	voice gets through mine not
- not working with my friend running SuSE 8.2, again his
	voice gets through while mine is lost

I think it is my configuration to blame but this firewall setting
worked with SuSE 8.1 as fw in between, when I originally
set the gm up and made a trial call to Finland. I can get
those rules back from backup and I have tried with those,
only change being squid configuration. My setting is
two computers, firewall towards the internet with public
address, SuSE9.1 and rules to forward incoming
traffic of TCP/1720 and TCP/30000-30010 and UDP/5000-5007
to the internal network machine that has the headset and all.

OK, my friend has firewall settings on the machine
and I changed that to allow the incoming traffic of
TCP/1720 and UDP/5000-5007.

Checking stuff with nmap, I suspect that it is the reply
from my machine that does not get through? Scanning
my friend's machine and nmap shows the UDP ports
as open. Scanning my machine from there shows the
same ports as all closed.

Just in case this is very simple... I am afraid that the
SuSE firewall2 settings are going to be too open already.
Maybe I should hand tune them with bare iptables?

Some information in the internet seems to point out
that it should not even work behind a firewall setting
like this. But it used to work, so what has changed?
OK, if I can not get it working with a firewall, then is
the next choice to have proxy there? I am going to
try out skype too - since I want to get this working.
But I would rather find out the reason(s) and solve
the problem.

This mail being lengthy already, I can send the
configs upon request. Please, help me out.



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