[GnomeMeeting-list] GM and Radvision MCU v3


While we installed Gnomemeeting v. 1.0 (on fedora core 2) and connected it
to a Radvision MCU we faced different problems, also described in:

The Continous Presence (GM only shows QCIF) issue could be solved by
installing and configuring the pwcx module and using the RV MVP board to
get a single CIF Video instead of 4xQCIF (symetric mode).

But now we have the problem that we only receive video if the MCU Service
is configured with 15Frames per second (H261). If we set the Service to
30fps, GM does not receive video.

We also addressed this to Radvision R&D but this seems to be a GnomeMeeting

Many thanks

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