Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Problems with Microtelco gatekeeper


Try to go in #gnomemeeting on and ask for a live test with
one person there. Once you have made sure that it is working, and thus
that your firewall is ok, then I will recontact MicroTelco again for

You can also connect to Johnny Strom on ILS, it is an answering machine
(sort of), if you get video and audio back, then your setup is correct.

Make sure that :
- ports UDP 5000-5007, 5010-5013 are forward to your internal host

Make sure that :
- IP Translation is enabled with the right IP address in your
- H.245 Tunneling and Fast Start are also enabled.

I'm waiting for news from you :)

Le mardi 05 octobre 2004 à 10:59 +0700, Larry Hendrickson a écrit :
> As my problems with Microtelco are as yet unresolved, I thought I would
> try one more follow up.  I should say that I really do appreciate the
> help.
> The most common problem I have is that when it successfully registers to
> the gatekeeper (which is most of the time), and then I try to make a
> call, it says "Remote user cleared the call" about 2 seconds after
> I press the button to start dialing.  Given that when I repeat this an
> inordinate number of times (sometimes in the hundreds), it usually
> connects eventually (and on other days it connects every time), there is
> clearly some kind of inconsistent problem.  I've tested the firewall to
> death and am confident it is working as needed.  Is it possible there is
> some timeout due to latency?  I am calling from Thailand, so I would
> expect a larger latency than one gets US to US.
> In case it helps, I've attached what I believe to be the part of the
> debugging output from where it makes the call to where it disconnects...
> Thanks again,
> Larry
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